How to Ace the Next Interview

Feeling nervous about that interview date nearing closer and closer? Experiencing painful flashbacks to your last interview experience, which needless to say did not end with paid employment? Fear no more. Here at Lynx Inc., we know exactly how to help you ace the interview…every time.

A Week Before the Interview

Knowledge is power. With multiple days on your hands before the big day, help yourself succeed by becoming knowledgeable about the company. The biggest key to walking in confident is knowing where you are. Be aware of the client base, the business history, and maybe even the mission statement. Utilize social media and the internet to get a feel for not only the type of industry you are looking at, but the culture of this company. Would you be a good fit? Do you see yourself growing in this environment? Do you see yourself bringing something new and different to the table? Familiarize yourself with the company culture, and consider how your presence can elevate the company, and be ready to sell that.

Day of The Interview

As we all know, picking an appropriate outfit is an imperative part of acing the interview. Here at Lynx Inc., we encourage you to sit back and relax. Don’t let the hype get to your head, you know what is office appropriate. Aside from a tuxedo or a ball gown, it is nearly impossible to over-dress. Take the opportunity to show your personal sense of style, while also maintaining professionalism. Have fun with it

Day After The Interview

If we know one thing to be true, it is the power of the follow-up. We tend to be apprehensive when it comes to follow-ups. We are afraid to “bug” them, to turn them off from us, or to annoy them beyond the point of consideration. Never be afraid of being “pushy” or “aggressive.” Interviewers and company heads tend to appreciate the follow-up email, as it shows a true interest on the behalf of the interviewer. Showing a drive and passion for this specific job opportunity is a tactic that can not be understated, and if often ignored by applicants. Follow up, and follow up again. Go in person if you have to, don’t be forgotten, and do not be ignored.

When You Get The Job

You did it, you aced the interview, and got the dream job. Give yourself a pat on the back. Don’t rest for too long, you’ve got a career to build. Here at Lynx Inc., we know that your future will be even brighter than this moment of success.

From all of us here at Lynx Inc., we wish you the best of luck on your next interview and hope you snag the dream job.


Meet Mackenze: Lynx Incorporated’s Newest HR Manager

As we have found here at Lynx Incorporated, finding great talent sounds easier than it looks. More so than making sure someone is qualified educationally and in experience, it’s increasingly challenging to find someone with the work ethic, dedication, and charisma to make a significant long-term contribution to an organization. Luckily, when we found Mackenze McClain, she was everything that we were looking for and more! A scholar, an athlete, social, personable, humble, and eager to get her foot in the door.

Born & raised in Martinsville, IN, Mackenze grew up in a big family complete with her mom, dad, step-dad, and 2 brothers. Spending time both on a diary farm and in Indianapolis, Mackenze learned the value of hard work and perseverance from a young age. An active child, she was involved in 4H, volleyball, basketball, track, AND cheerleading – just to name a few! With a baseball coach for a father and basketball coach for a step-father, Mackenze was born to compete.

After deciding to attend Ball State University, Mackenze made the most of her 4 years by rushing Alpha Chi Omega and becoming extremely active in the business school as a marketing major. Meeting some of her best friends and significant other at school, she graduated in May of 2017 with distinguished marks and hopes of one day returning to be a Professor (all 3 of her parents are teachers)!

Upon submitting her application to Lynx Incorporated online, Mackenze came in interviewing for an Account Management position. Making such a positive impression on the hiring team, she was offered a position as a Human Resources Manager – a position she eagerly accepted! Now aiding in resume screening, talent acquisition, and administration, Mackenze uses her competitive, people-oriented personality to drive our company’s growth from the front office!

When she’s not working hard, you can find Mackenze going to concerts with her dad (a tradition they’ve followed for over a decade), watching live sporting events (especially baseball), or binging Arrow & Grey’s Anatomy! A go-getter, Mackenze’s intentions are to soak up all the knowledge Lynx Incorporated has to give and grow with the company over the next years through forging strong bonds with her coworkers.

Mackenze, we wanted to write this blog as a way of officially welcoming you to the team and to the family. It is a pleasure to work with someone of your caliber, and we are thrilled to see what the future holds for us as partners. To follow Mackenze’s growth and travels with Lynx Incorporated, be sure to connect with us on Twitter, and to share your welcome, comment in the box below!



Meeting Michael: A Lynx Incorporated Leadership Exposé

In a world that expects immediate gratification, there is Michael Bradley, Corporate Trainer at Lynx Incorporated! Honest, driven, ambitious — and fully aware of the hard work success in any industry requires. 

Born in Chicago to a boisterous Irish-Catholic family, Michael learned the importance of making an impression as a kid. 1 of 33 1st cousins, he grew up confident, assertive, and a natural communicator. When a move to Park Ridge in his 5th-grade year presented itself to the family, the entire Bradley clan took their transition from the city to the suburbs as a breath of fresh air.

Growing up an athlete Michael played everything from basketball to football to baseball, finally finding his true niche on the mound! Progressing into his High School’s Varsity team as a sophomore, Michael started seeing interest from scouts early on. A natural born leader, he became a mentor amongst his peers and teammates–skills he would eventually use at Lynx Incorporated a decade later.

Pursuing his baseball career, Michael started his collegiate years at Oakton Community College and was quickly recognized for his success as a pitcher. School then took Michael to Triton College and Purdue North Central, where he received the opportunity to coach the baseball team his senior year. Graduating with honors in Business Management & Marketing, Michael immediately received an offer and began his professional career within the logistics and recruitment field. When neither of those industries offered him the long-term growth or financial freedom he sought, he began looking for something new.

During his job search, he came across Lynx Incorporated in October of 2016 and was instantly attracted to the leadership team, the opportunity for travel, and the entrepreneurial development within the firm’s Management Training Program. In just 5 short months, he has mastered his initial face to face sales responsibilities and is now in a position aiding in the training and development of new hires. Due to his performance, the company has flown Michael to Colorado Springs, St. Louis, Nashville, Charlotte, and this summer, Dallas, all to improve his leadership and networking skills.

With a commitment to be promoted into an Assistant Management position by end of summer, and a Managing Partner role before the end of the year, Michael attributes his success to “living by the company’s systems and standards.” He is confident that if he continues to work hard, treat people right, and dream big, there is nothing he can’t accomplish.

When he’s not in the office, you can find Michael spending time with his significant other, coaching children’s baseball, and working out! His zest for life and self-improvement is a magnet, and we consider ourselves fortunate to work with someone of his caliber. Michael – you’re a rockstar, and so deserving of March’s “Rising Star” recognition. Keep up the amazing work and we can’t wait to see all where your career path at Lynx Incorporated takes you!



Lynx Incorporated Presents: All about Alimamy

The talent that is present at Lynx Incorporated in Indianapolis, IN amazes even us sometimes. While we look for certain distinguishing qualities in the candidates we interview, and find them, it is sometimes months after working together when true personalities and habits emerge.  2 months ago, when we interviewed Alimamy, we knew without a doubt he was polished, poised and prepared, but it is in the weeks following that he has truly sold himself as a crucial asset to our growing marketing/sales team.

A child of Staten Island, Alimamy grew up in a tight-knit family, complete with his parents and 2 brothers. An athletic and competitive group, each brother still to this day tries to one-up the other (in a totally fun way where Alimamy always wins (as his story goes, haha))! Throughout his teenage years he played football and ran track, excelling so much in track that he was offered the opportunity to run at St. Lawrence University!

As a student-athlete, Alimamy learned the art of balance, time management and discipline. He studied economics and months after his graduation in May, still considers himself a student of life. A fun fact about him is that he drives 1 ½ hours to work every day and listens to TED talks the whole way (talk about dedication to his career and professional development!) Did we mention he also helps manage the restaurant he worked at during his college years and is still one of the first people to the office every day? He astounds us.

When we asked Alimamy what drew him to Lynx Incorporated, he accredits it to his connection with President, Brett Herbst. “The similarities we had between our goals, ideas about the quality of life we wanted and the work we knew we had to put in were synonymous. I knew I wanted to work with someone like that.” Two months later, the bond between mentor and mentee continues to strengthen and Brett regularly coaches Alimamy in his quest to expand from an introvert to extrovert.

As one of the most structured and organized people we’ve ever had the opportunity to work with, it is no wonder Alimamy was promoted to a leadership role at Lynx Incorporated a short month after starting with us. He now assists in the training and development of new hires, a skill he works diligently to improve every week. We asked him what he loves most about the company and he said “hands down the people. It’s great to come to an environment where you actually enjoy the people you spend so much time with!”

When outside of the office, you can find Alimamy with family and his significant other, bowling, hiking, rollerblading, whatever gets him outside and active! He lives his life by the Benjamin Franklin quote “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” and makes sure to throw his all into his work and personal life. Alimamy, if you’re reading this blog, we want you to know how proud we are to have you as a part of our team and family. Your work ethic, character and integrity are qualities we know will aid in your development here at Lynx Incorporated. Thank you for choosing us and know that your hard work will never go unrecognized!

Lynx Incorporated: Advice for Upcoming Grads

With December just 3 short months ahead of us, we’re sure that panic is ensuing for those about to cross the stage into the workforce. Have no fear though, upcoming grads! This time, though scary and unknown, is about to give way to your greatest years yet. The four, five, or six (haha) years you’ve invested at your University have prepared you for this transition. And to help, we’ve enlisted the help of two strapping past graduates, both in executive leadership roles here at Lynx Incorporated, armed with great advice and insight into life post-college!

Meet Nathan Warren, May 2015 graduate and student athlete at Sewanee University and Brett Michael Herbst, May 2013 graduate of Lindenwood University and now President of Lynx Incorporated! Highly educated, motivated and ambitious, it’s no wonder these two were the perfect choices to kick off this new blog series. Let the Q&A session begin!


Q – Alright guys, what advice do you have for someone about to graduate college and search for their first job? 

B – Don’t limit yourself by industry! Focus on finding an environment that is going to make you happy and eager to go to work. The job responsibilities will fall into place if you love the corporate culture.

N – Don’t wait until after you graduate to start the job search! Preparation is key and having interviews and job offers lined up will take some stress off of you and make you excited to walk the stage!

Q – We’re curious: Are you utilizing your degree? giphy

B – Yes and no! My degree in Sports Management taught me skills like time management, organization and the value of a strong work ethic and I think that was what I took the most from school; the skills more so than the studies.

N – Absolutely! My psychology major taught me how to handle a variety of people and how to relate to them, which is used everyday in all aspects of our business.

Q – Favorite business mentors new grads should know about?

B – Your parents! My dad taught me life lessons as a child that help me everyday in business. Look towards your resources and the people who want to see you succeed the most.

N – Tony Robbins. This guy has become not only a business mentor, but a life mentor. Just Google some of his quotes or motivational speeches and you’ll be ready to find your dream career!

Q – Did internships help you land a position after school? giphy-1

B – 100%. I had an internship with a professional soccer team in St. Louis and was amazed at the managerial skills I learned in my time there and also that I saw work can be both fun and a continued education. I vowed to make sure I structured Lynx Incorporated the same.

N – YES! They really helped me to see what I liked and didn’t like out of a company and a career. Accept as many internships as you can. You can never start too young!

Q – Any last minute advice to those graduating in December?!

B – It’s okay if your first job isn’t the one you stay with forever. Progress is better than perfection. Try everything, learn constantly and you’ll find what you want to do for the rest of your life in no time!

N – Take advice from people who are in positions that you want to be in! If you want to have a successful career in accounting, find an accountant to learn from. Don’t take coaching from your unemployed friend who is not in the field of your choice. Not everyone’s 2 cents needs to be heard!

Brett and Nathan, all we can say is college did you guys good, haha! We’re so grateful you two took time to share your words of wisdom and advice with people who are about to take this next step in their life and careers. As December graduations will be here before we know it, Lynx Incorporated looks forward to the opportunity to work with some of Indy’s finest. Good luck!


Lynx Incorporated: It All Lynx Together

There is work and there is your life’s work.  

The kind of work that has your fingerprints all over it.

The kind of work that you’d never compromise on.  

That you’d sacrifice a weekend for.  

You can do that kind of work at Lynx Incorporated.

People don’t come here to play it safe.  

They come here to swim in the deep end.

They want their work to add up to something.  Something big.  

Something that couldn’t happen anywhere else.

Welcome to Lynx Incorporated!